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No matter if you’re headed for the local bike park, the grand tour or marathon biking, SQlab’s bike parts support you and your plans. Of course carefully designed bike components will draw the attention of the pros, so you’ll spot SQlab’s products on the bikes of many German champs. Hans Rey, dirtbike legend Timo Pritzel or freerider Tibor Simai’s bikes sport the saddles, handlebars and grips. If you want to do your body a favor, buy some of the functional and ergonomically shaped bike parts. You can find them right here on BMO.

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Things to know about SQlab

SQlab delivers all the small things that make your life as a biker so much more enjoyable – if they have the perfect fit. To make bike saddles, pedals and handlebars comfy to ride with they are developed to support the human body perfectly. That is what SQlab’s engineers research and develop for in the company’s headquarters in Munich since 2003. That is also the reason why the company chose a telling name, SQlab reads as aesculap, the symbol associated with healing and medicine. You probably know the aesculapsnake as the logo of pharmacies and hospitals, you can also find it in SQlab’s logo. There the snake winds around a bike saddle to depict the crucial connection between the form and function of bike parts. The perfect bike part is always both highly functional and comfortable. This explains why SQlab concentrates on the three little parts that connect you to your bike – the saddle, the handlebar and the pedals. 

SQlab bike saddles for men and women

When it comes to making bike saddles, SQlab likes to break new ground. The company was one of the first to recognize that every backside is different and that in order to have a good time on your bike your saddle has to fit your body perfectly. In order to provide a perfect fit, SQlab developed a technique to measure the distance between the hip bones and find out what shape a saddle has to have in order to fit comfortably. The next step was the construction of a bike saddle that comes with a dent and strategically placed padding that will reduce friction and pressure in order to allow you longer and pain free cycling. If a picture of a huge, black, cushion-like seat pops up in your mind now, don’t be alarmed. SQlab builds the sleek saddles that meet the needs of professional bikers. You can get ultra light carbon saddles, saddles for mountain bikes and narrow road bike saddles as well as very comfy seats for leisure bikes. 

SQlab labels all bike seats as unisex saddles. Their research proved that despite the obvious anatomic differences a bike seat’s individual fit is much more important than building saddles for women and saddles for men.

SQlab handlebars

The second spot where you get in touch with your bike is the handlebar, so handlebars are SQlabs other line-of-trade. They make anatomic flatbars, dropbars and cruisers that come in several widths. Depending on the material, they offer more or less flexibility and thus comfort. Innerbarends let you change the position of your arms and prevent numb hands and stiff shoulders. Ergonomic grips and cork tape let you hold on comfortably to your bike. By providing a large number of stems, SQlab makes sure that you can create a comfortable reach on your bike. 

SQlab also makes bib shorts with anatomical pads and flat pedals and click pedals for mountain bikes and road bikes. If all of this sounds very “health care store” to you, let us convince you that you are mistaken. SQlab’s bike parts are featured on many bikes that belong to international biking pros and whose stunts and performance is admired around the globe. Partnerships with Fabio Wibmer, Elias Schwärzler, Emma Hinze or Hans Rey add to SQlabs reputation as one of the top-notch outfitters for any bike discipline.

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