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No other country represents road biking and its long tradition quite as much as Italy. So it's little wonder that Cinelli, one of the best-known and most popular companies in the road bike industry, is based near Milan. Cinelli is not only one of the oldest manufacturers of road bike frames, bike parts and complete bikes. Since they are represented at all important races around the globe, their road bikes and road bike parts have gained cult status. 

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Things to know about Cinelli

Cinelli was founded by professional cyclist Cino Cinelli, the company is headquartered near Milan. During his successful time in the racing bike saddle, he collected ideas that could improve his working material, after 1945 he set out to put them into practice piece by piece. Already in 1947, a professional rider competed in races on a Cinelli bicycle for the first time, thus laying the foundation for the company. In 2021, the SRL Group, to which Cinelli had belonged since 1997, was bought by the Texan investment company Asobi Ventures; Cinelli is now in American hands.

In addition to bicycles, Cinelli also produces bicycle parts such as handlebars and stems. Bit by bit, the fan base of the products grew, and today many amateur athletes and pro racers are out there on the road with Cinelli. The Italians equip entire racing teams, and even had their own racing team for a few years. Bicycle components make up a large part of the range today, only about 20% of the articles produced are complete bikes. 

Cinelli bicycles and components

Cinelli has always had an eye for astounding design. They never wanted to simply produce another old handlebar, each product is meant to stand on its own. Even tat road bikes and frames the Italians make can always be easily identified thanks to their distinctive finishes

This credo persists to this day. When a new, modern era of cycling began in the early 2000s, Cinelli became a leading figure in the fixie scene right from the start. Since then, Cinelli has continued to lead the urban revolution and is happy to break new ground, for example by founding its own Fixed Gear Racing Team. But Cinelli also picks up other trends and today also develops gravel bikes in addition to fixies/singlespeed bikes and classic road bikes.

Cinelli for road bike fans

Here on BMO, you can discover the entire Cinelli range from handlebar tapes to complete bikes. In our Cinelli brand store we offer you not only bike parts like handlebars and stems, but also accessories, such as handlebar tape and headsets. Classic cycling caps and shirts identify you as a true fan. If you need a new bike, you can buy a complete bike from Cinelli, or build your own dream bike around a Cinelli frame.

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