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If there’s a manufacturer that equals navigation it’s Garmin. Whether in the car, on ships, in airplanes, or on the bike and your wrist - Garmin is the name for navigation. The company with its headquarters in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) was founded as early as 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao. The company name Garmin comes from the first names of its two founding fathers. Today, the company has more than 14,500 employees at 65 locations around the world. Of course, the fan base for Garmin products is even larger.

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In the areas of sports, outdoor and fitness, Garmin has grown a huge product range since its founding with the know-how from over 30 years of experience. The Garmin fitness watches and smartwatches are particularly popular, for example. The Garmin Fenix series is the flagship of the multisport and outdoor watches. It fulfills almost every function you could wish for outdoors in nature. In the Garmin Fenix 6X PRO Solar model, even the display is equipped with highly complex solar technology to increase the watch's battery life.

But of course, Garmin also has simpler smartwatches and fitness watches in its lineup. The Garmin Instinct® Solar, for example, is a classic sports watch for those who like to be active and value a stylish design. For those who like it a little more special, Garmin has the FORERUNNER 945 on offer. It is aimed at all passionate and ambitious triathletes and runners who want to achieve top performance and always have their values in view.

However, it couldn't be more obvious that Garmin is also incredibly concerned with cycling. Again and again, they provide innovative and smart products to make your time on the bike as pleasant, efficient and safe as possible. Garmin was one of the first companies to develop navigation devices for cycling. Garmin started with bike computers, which they then developed further step by step. Today, the bike navigators, such as the Garmin Edge® 1030 Plus, offer an all-encompassing navigation while cycling. But also the little brothers, the Garmin Edge® 830 and the Garmin Edge® 530 have a lot to offer in terms of bike navigation. 

Of course, if you also want to know how much power you're putting on the pedals, you can rely on Garmin products. With the latest Garmin Vector generation (Garmin Vector 3), the company offers a very simple power measurement on the pedal. Of course, you can then display your performance data on a Garmin Edge® - targeted training has never been easier. 

And Garmin also takes care of the most important thing: your safety. With the Garmin Varia™ RTL516 bike light, you get a radar with integrated rear light to warn you of approaching traffic. The compact Varia™ reliably measures if a vehicle is approaching from behind and displays it to you on your Garmin device or smartphone. With the Garmin Varia™, you have eyes in the back of your head and can concentrate fully on your ride.

Whether you are looking for a fitness watch, a bike navigator, a power meter or a bike computer, in our Garmin brand store we offer you clever solutions in a stylish design.

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